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Are your habits taking you from where you are to where you want to go?
The Power of Habits: How to Become a Rainmaker will illustrate several practical strategies that you can implement to take your business to new heights. Filled with real life stories, this book with help explain how to grow your business to an elite status. Use specific power phrases to move your clients and customers toward closing the deal. Turn difficult referrals into appointments without objections. Track key statistics to run an effecient business.

"The Power of Habits: How to Become a Rainmaker" will help you:
  • Implement specific language patterns to get you to the next phase of the selling cycle.
  • Use body language and mirror and matching techniques to quickly build trust with the client.
  • Learn to manage your time more effectively with several useful strategies.
  • Get a prospect to turn a "no" they won’t see you into "yes" they will be open minded.

  • "A great resource for the CEO who wants to become more efficient and effective in their business. Randy's worked hard to refine his success formula".
      - David Cornell, President, Cornell Jewelers, Rochester, NY

    "Randy has a leading industry track record in financial services, and a proven sense to show any aspiring salesperson how to use their time more efficiently to maximize their personal revenue goals".
      - David E. Appel, Financial Advisor, Goldwasser-Appel, Newton, MA

    "The computer industry is unique since demand for product has been so great over the last twenty years, and has a void of great salesmanship. The Power of Habits: How to Become a Rainmaker focuses on bringing discipline and science and will add value to our customers."
      - Clark W. Crook, COO, Synergy Global Solutions, Buffalo, NY

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